Beer line cleaning in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Bruswick, Canada

Installation of the Extreme Clean beer line maintenance system extends the

weekly or monthly need to chemically clean draught lines.

Extreme Clean for beer lines

• The Extreme Clean will provide continuous maintenance/protection - 24 hours per day

• Inhibit the growth of biofilm within beer lines

• Dramatically reduces the costs associated with cleaning draught lines

• Use less chemicals and less beer is wasted draining & flushing lines

• Maintain the quality taste of our beer

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Beer Line Maintenance and Protection

Extreme Clean uses the latest advancements in technology to provide your facility the ultimate beer line protection against biofilm, beer stone, and other biological contaminants.


Brewers devote a great deal of energy and passion in order to create products with specific flavours and appearances in mind. Unfortunately, due to the vulnerable nature of draught delivery systems, beer lines tend to get contaminated. When this happens it reflects badly on both the brewer and the dispensing establishment.

Biofilm without Extreme Clean

Beer line cleaning in Ontario and Maritime Provinces, CanadaWithin 2-12 hours (Journal of the American Society for Brewing Chemists) of cleaning, or even installing a brand new draught system, biologics begin to colonize and deposits begin to build up on the beer contact surfaces. Beer leaves the sterile environment of the keg, and enters the non-sterile environment of the dispensing system. Yeast and bacteria enter the draught system feeding on the beer and attaching to draught lines. Oxygen entering the system through the faucet and the coupler will nourish these flavour-changing microbes and make them grow faster. Dirty lines will cause cloudy, or flat beer with off-flavours and may even cause sickness! Extreme Clean will protect your lines from such fouling.

Performance Guaranteed

We are so confident in the Extreme Clean that we are willing to test it against any other beer line cleaning system or program. This includes chemical programs! If the Extreme Clean system doesn't out perform your current maintenance program we will give you your money back. The Extreme Clean system was designed using sound, state-of-the-art technology. We promote using the best testing and verification methods in order to validate its efficacy. Yes, we encourage you to use ATP, colour indicator agents, or even 3rd party laboratories. Extreme Clean will not disappoint.

Product Description

Safe, Efficient, Convenient, Chemical Free Draught Beer Line Maintenance Keeps Draught Lines Clean Longer!

Extreme Clean provides the most efficient and cost effective method to maintain the cleanliness of draught beer lines. Installation of the Extreme Clean beer line maintenance system by an Authorized Dealer can eliminate the monthly need to chemically clean draught beer lines.

• Extreme Clean provides continuous maintenance and consistent protection.

• Inhibits the growth of bio-film within the beer lines.

• Dramatically reduces the costs associated with chemical line cleaning

• No maintenance required for Extreme Clean. Simply ensure the LED status light is on

• Maintains a quality product.

• Chemical- free

• Will not affect other electronic equipment.

• No disruption during installation.

• Never needs calibration.

*Extreme Clean does not eliminate routine tap cleaning, however it does greatly reduce chemical flushing of lines and taps.

Maritme Provinces beer line cleaning system

Extreme Clean can be installed without any interruption to services. The patented signal inhibits Bio-film and beer stone greatly reducing chemical line flushing frequency. Extreme Clean should only be installed by an Authorized Dealer GREEN LED indicates the Extreme Clean is ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Extreme Clean do?

The Extreme Clean beer line maintenance system is a state-of-the-art technology with time tested, proven, science. An innovative proprietary induction method allows bar owners to extend the time between line cleanings at least four times their normal cycle.

How does the Extreme Clean work?

The device works by inducing a low frequency AM signal throughout the entire length of the beer line. The induced sine wave produces a dense current throughout the inner lining of the beer line tubing, otherwise known as a “Skin Effect”. This dense current or “Skin Effect” inhibits the particulate, or organics, within the beer from settling out and attaching to the lining; preventing, or greatly reducing, bio-film formation.

Will the Extreme Clean affect the taste of the beer?

Absolutely not! Extreme Clean does not change the chemistry or the biologics of the beer. What it does is inhibit the environment in which bacteria and yeast like to settle out and begin to propagate and eventually form bio-film. It is bio-film that affects the taste of beer and gives it that “off” flavour. Extreme Clean ensures the beer will consistently be served with the flavours intended by the brewer.

How do I know if the Extreme Clean is working? Is there a test?

Yes, there is a test.Extreme Clean has designed a unit so that your local representative can verify that it is generating the protective signal throughout your beer line network. Extreme Clean is the only beer line cleaning system that has this capability. There is a signal indicator light on the front of the unit to show that the unit is functioning properly.

How is the system installed?

The Extreme Clean system requires no plumbing and only takes a few minutes to install. Extreme Clean uses its proprietary method of signal induction. It wraps around the outside of the trunk line for remote systems. When using a direct draw system, a wrap is placed just below the base of the tower.


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